Hello world!

My first blog entry at the insistence of my wife Barbara, who has started using “blogging”  to promote her new book “Bedpans & Bobby Socks”, a memoir written with her mum, Gwenda Gofton, whose epic trip around America with four other nurses in the 1950s is the subject of the book. I actually get a credit in the book as some of my ephemera stock formed the montage images inside the front and back covers. There is a use for my junk after all!

I have been buying and selling on the internet for several years now, firstly as a hobby to sell off family surplus but I now run my business on ebay and delcampe, as well as a few ephemera and postcard fairs.

I love old “stuff” and enjoy nothing more than the thrill of opening my latest auction purchase, or large buy from a private customer. Unfortunately over the last couple of years this has meant my interest waning after purchase and me moving on to the next find. Result: too much stock! So I am now slaving away listing and selling and NOT buying for a couple of months. I will be writing up some of my favourite items on here, which in some cases I hope might prompt somebody with more information to post a comment. I have lots of old items (particularly military WWI & WWII, GB and many foreign postcards and ephemera) which I am sure must have more of a story to tell, which always helps their saleability.


About reynardcollectables

Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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