WWI Langemark 22-4-1915 first use of poison gas postcard

Still adding cards from this collection, including a fairly historic card of the Langemark (near Ypres) trench with a captioned date of 22-4-15. This date and Langemark location is the time and place of the first use of poison gas in WWI by the Germans, an atrocity condemned by the Allies (and then I believe used by them shortly after, as if the war itself wasn’t enough of an atrocity…).

The card seems to show dead bodies covered in white sheets, along with the tools of trench warfare, such as rolls of barbed wire etc. An atmospheric and disturbing image, made more so by the date and significance of the location.

Other cards in this final batch from this collection include Kemmel, Langemark trench (possibly another from this gas attack?), damaged WWI tanks on battlefield, Bullecourt ruins, Arras with German soldiers out of trenches, Westende ruins, Berg and a picture of German troops captioned “Flammenwerfer” (flamethrowers). Many more military cards still to list but this was an exceptional lot, many of which are still up for sale on my delcampe store.

Stop Press: I accepted an improved offer for the German Sailor and Zouaves skull, and this card is off to Australia!

Langemark trench 22-4-15 first use of poison gas in WWI


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