1938 Game Book – Hunting, Shooting (& Fishing?) on Country Estates

Just as a change from all this military stuff, I wanted to mention this very nice leather-bound Game Log book that I am selling currently on ebay. Used to record every shooting day and the bag of different birds and animals, this one seems to have belonged to an individual rather than – as some others I have seen – an estate.

This one has the gold monogram “S” to the leather cover and details the year 1938 from October to December over three pages. I cannot yet identify who “S” was, but various estates were visited in England (Chilton, Somerley, Fonthill, Pimperne, Stowlangtoft, Knoyle, Hays House etc) and Scotland (several consecutive days on various beats at Kinnaird, Conaglen).

Doing a bit of research I see also that several of the names mentioned in each party still seem to be involved in running some of these huge estates, although one or two now seem to be nursing homes or similar.   Names seen include the Wards, Lord Poltimore, Lord Pollington, Major Phillips, Lady Normanton, Charles Chichester, Peter Wood, Lord Churton etc.

One or two spectacular numbers amongst the animals/birds killed include on December 17th 1938 at Chilton a bag of 1041 pheasants, 3 Woodcock, 11 rabbits, 11 hares and 2 various(?). A fine Christmas was had no doubt in the households of Major Phillips, EFS Ward, AR Ward, Bob Laycock, RG Grovesnor who were on this shooting party.

The book itself is in fine condition. It was retailed by Truslove & Hanson, W1, and has almost 50 unused gold-edged pages left if somebody wishes to continue the log! Available in my ebay store along with other interesting items.


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