WWI RAF/RFC’s Pilots Logbook John Spencer Green MC!

Occasionally I will see something at auction and without fully understanding why, or whether I will be able to sell the item at a profit, I just have to buy, even if only to keep for a short time! This happened recently, when I bought two Pilots log books of WWI with one of them belonging to the recipient of a Military Cross, a Captain John Spencer Green MC. Although he won his MC while serving as a pilot with the RAF, he actually started his war service as a Corporal in the London Regiment (his family were from Herne Hill) in 1915, only later transferring to the RFC as a 2nd Lt, and achieving his Aviators certificate. He won his Military Cross for actions while on a photographic reconnaissance flight over Monchy Le Preux in December 1917, when he forced down an enemy plane which had been firing on his aircraft.

He was transferred to 59th Squadron and sometime in May 1918 I believe was hospitalized for a time and then returned to serve as an Instructor, for which this log book documents both his and his trainees flying time. The book shows his previous flying hours and the planes he flew, and then details on ten pages each of the flights he carried out, who with and where to, as well as the type of plane used (Avro’s, DH6 etc). His last documented flight is 19/11/18 with Crossland in Avro 8849, when they flew some stunts, maybe to celebrate the end of hostilities just a few days before?

This was an is a fairly expensive item but also a scarce and valuable piece of World War One history.

The other log is for 2nd Lt. AT Taylor (Alfred Thomas Taylor formerly of the ASC) and I think shows his activities doing Solo and accompanied flying (training period I believe?) and lists the aircraft flown by type and number, the Pilot (a lot of his flying was Solo but other names showing as well), also activities such as Stalling, Firing, Photography, Formation flying etc.

Two great items of early military aviation history both available to view in either my ebay or delcampe stores.

Sample page from Lt.Taylor's log


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