1950s Retro style for your Kitchen?

Sometimes, seemingly very dry and boring old paperwork or books can offer up some great design/styling ideas for those willing to look outside the mainstream style books. Reynard Collectables have just listed on ebay a number of old brochures and electricity planning books mainly relating to kitchen planning and from the 1950s.

There was an organisation the BEDA  set up in 1919 and funded by a coalition of four associations of engineers from the electrical supply and manufacturing industries. Its mission was to promote the use of electricity and its primary target was the householder and it survived I believe up until the 1960/70s. I have a range of their planning books for houses (and schools!) and in the later ones there are some great graphics and design ideas for the increasingly popular 1950s style.

Reynard Collectables have a group of 1940/50s kitchen brochures and there seemed to be something of an obsession with low maintenance as there are titles such as “Nevastane” and “Easiclene” kitchens. These also offer some great period pictures, with some of the gadgets of the time shown in situ.

As a contrast to this style decade (four scans shown below)Reynard Collectables also have a small group of 1970s bedroom and kitchen brochures and we have now moved into the era of flat pack and plastic wood. Horrendous stuff but still very evocative of the period (the final picture)! These and many similar items of ephemera and paper collectables available in my ebay and delcampe stores.

And here we have 1970s style!!


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