Photo album Scots Guards 1927-29 China inc. Red Massacre

Reynard Collectables are currently listing an interesting collection of photographs seemingly compiled by Scots Guardsman H. Naylor on his tour of duty in the Far East 1927-29. For the military historian there are lots of photos of soldiers in camp (Lo Wu Hong Kong, Shum Shui Po, Wei Hai Wei) and out on location in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Java, Singapore etc. Plus some nice pictures of soldiers in drag, on sports day, out on boats etc.

There are a few gruesome pictures, too, taken in Canton, China, including one captioned “Chinese Method of Hanging After the Red Massacre 1927” and another “Execution in Progress (after the red massacre June 1927)” as well as one even worse image that I am not going to describe. I assume the “Red Massacre” is referring to the “Shanghai Massacre” of Communist members by the forces of Chiang Kai Shek and the Kuomintang after which it was to be another 20 years before the Communists would be a force again.

Aside from these are some interesting insights into life in those areas, with local people depicted in everyday scenes. Their tour of duty also took them to Japan, and a couple of photos are captioned “After the Earthquake”, which I assume refers to a quake of 7.6 magnitude at Kita Tango Kyoto in March 1927.

These are just some of the notable sections from an album that to me is fascinating in its entirety. To think that in days when most people barely travelled outside their own towns or counties – and long before the TV or the internet – young men were seeing things that would be unimaginable to the families they left behind.  Worth a look in my ebay store, or for other military and social history photos, postcards and ephemera my delcampe store!


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