Vaughan Road School Magazines – Family Historians Gold & “Mr Chip’s”?

Reynard Collectables occasionally buy bulk lots which contain old School Magazines and photos, which I am sure must, in the right hands, be invaluable research material for family or local historians.
I have a small group of such items for a school in West Harrow, Middlesex – Vaughan Road School. They date from 1937-39 and contain various sports results,School Prefects, Exam results, “Mysterious Schoolgirl” story, information on the stamp club, reviews on shipbuilding(?!),Great Scientists and other worthy topics.

Also in a brief look through I found an obituary to a Mr Whetmore, who had died while the school was in summer recess. He sounds a “Mr Chip’s” character I quote from the obituary “the memory of his fine example will always be with us. It can truly be said he was kindly and unwearying in helping others. Those many children who took their small troubles to him, mechanical toys to mend, and the like were aware of this, but in many ways he continually helped others.” He sounds something of a saint, and I wonder if any of his relatives are around now to read this?
Last year I even managed to find and buy a School Magazine for the Crawley Council School where my Dad went to school. A delightful little magazine from 1926, with hand coloured illustrations, and in amongst the sports results I found the name of the father of somebody I played golf with two weeks ago! This family are researching their family history so were delighted to receive copies from probably now a unique item?
The Vaughan Road School items are worth a look in my ebay store right now.


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