Gracie Fields, Bury Grammar School, Ray Milland & Killingbeck Hospital……..

Are all in a lovely group of autograph/sketch albums being sold by Reynard Collectables on our ebay store. There are a group of seven albums, some as old as 1903, with five of them originating from around Bury, Lancashire and two from Leeds. There are many fine sketches, paintings, poems (touching one by a soldier who was in the trenches of the Somme and writing from the peace of Killingbeck Hospital). Also several pages of names and signatures of masters (and one page of Mistresses!) from Bury Grammar School in the early 20thC. Also on a page alone was the signature of JW Wallwork a Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps, with the signature dated November 1917. After a little research I found that in 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross, but then “died of his wounds” in the early 1920s (like alot of the signatures there is some research to be carried out here to make some of the names come alive).

One of the albums contains a large number of autographs of English film (mainly) actors/directors from the 1930/40s up to the 1960s, with Ray Milland (Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder with Grace Kelly), two different Gracie Fields signatures including one signed as “Er Grace”, Carol Reed with a cryptic message above, Sybil Thorndike, Anthony Asquith, Terry Thomas and even Lenny the Lion.

A great local history, artwork and showbiz mix and almost unrepeatable? See it here in my ebay store. Here are a few of the images:


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