North East Postcards – Newcastle, Spanish City, Plaza Tynemouth,NER Train…….

Are all amongst a large stock of postcards of Northumberland,Tyne & Wear, Durham and surrounding areas, held by Reynard Collectables.

I have had loads of interest in the 1930s Newcastle photo collection I featured a while back (now gone to a good home back up North in Durham) , so I thought I would add a few images from the masses of postcards I hold for this area.

Included are Newcastle Exhibition 1929, Whitley Bay including Spanish City funfair, Tynemouth Plaza or Palace (now demolished with a small part left as a toy museum and surf shop), new NER Electric car/train and lots of views in and around Newcastle.

And lots more where these came from!


About reynardcollectables

Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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3 Responses to North East Postcards – Newcastle, Spanish City, Plaza Tynemouth,NER Train…….

  1. Wayne Phillips says:

    Do you have anything connected with the North East Coast Exhibition of 1929 that was held at the Exhibition Park in Newcastle upon Tyne?

    • Hello and thanks for your interest. I have a smallish selection of postcards from the exhibition and also a chrome tray with a view of the main buildings and the exhibition name and dates around the edge. I may have other items but these I can lay my hands on straight away, will try and see if anything else.

  2. Wayne Phillips says:

    Mike, Could you send me a list and prices?

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