WWII – Royal Artillery Trip of a Lifetime to USA photos

An interesting item in my Reynard Collectables ebay store is a battered photo album put together by Gunner Ernest Bate, of No.1 Composite AA Demonstration Battery, Royal Artillery. The remaining photos show various episodes from what must have been a plum assignment during WWII?

While others might have been suffering the deprivations and dangers of Europe or the Middle Eastern fronts this Battery were sent, at the US Defence Dept. request, to carry out a demonstration tour of the United States. This not only involved the (I am sure) onerous task of giving artillery demos (as shown in some photos), but also includes some free time in nice places, with some interesting people and at a time of rationing back home, some good food and other luxuries. The photos cover 1943 from their arriving in New York, through trips to Camp Davis, North Carolina, Orlando, Daytona, several of the soldiers watching bull fights at Juarez bullring Mexico, on trains, eating Corn on the Cob with an American family, soldiers by rows of tents (Camp Davis?), Sgt Bradley “one of the most disliked men on tour”, Wrightsville beach, marching at “Boom Town” outside Camp Davis, parades Wilmington NC, few larger photos (press?) of partying and also being welcomed in New York, couple of cuttings from a magazine one at baseball the other at Miss Monroe’s concert (not Marilyn!) etc etc.

Fascinating lot available here (closing the shop from 19-28th December but available again after that), and I have added a few example photos. A nice idea for a book?


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5 Responses to WWII – Royal Artillery Trip of a Lifetime to USA photos

  1. Andy McCulloch says:

    Have only just come upon this. My mother’s cousin, Alf Hughes, was a member of this troop and has written an account of this.

    • Unfortunately the album was sold some time ago. Did Alf Hughes publish his account or just a family document?
      Thanks, Mike Fox, Reynard Collectables

      • Andrew McCulloch says:

        Sorry, I’d forgotten about this until recently. Alfred (Alt to our family) was not only on this tour but he wrote about it – I still have a copy of this document. If you’re still in touch with the buyer I would be happy to let him have a copy of this.

      • Hello Andy
        I could probably find it and pass on document but it was a fair time ago!

      • Andrew McCulloch says:

        Mike. Would you be able to put the buyer in touch with me? Obviously I’d be interested in his photos to see if my relative (he was my cousin) features in any of them.

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