1930s Style – France L’Exposition Coloniale Paris 1931

No particular sales pitch with these items, in fact I am not sure when I will be listing these items for sale, I just love the graphics from this period of French style with some Art Deco influence! I was lucky enough to purchase a large quantity of various International Exhibition/Exposition ephemera recently. While I think the French 1930s style is my favourite, there are some superb graphic images (as well as iconic buildings etc) throughout the 20thC. Picking out a few from the various World’s Fairs and other huge events as diverse as the 1924/25 British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, 1924/5 Decorative Arts Expo (France again!), 1937 Paris Arts & Crafts in Modern Life International Expo (France again is there a pattern here?), various US Worlds Fairs (Chicago 1933 “Century of Progress”, 1939 New York Worlds Fair and many before and after through to the Expo’s of modern times).

While others might get excited by some Goss “Crested Ware” ,1924 Wembley Lion, paper fan from Paris 1937 or Maling vase from the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition at Newcastle, my passion is for all the various paper products, most of which were never designed to survive a few months let alone many (in some cases 150) years. I am now sorting items from Crystal Palace 1851 through to Hannover 2000 exhibitions, from tickets, staff passes, guide books ( 1930s 3D book still with the glasses , photos ( a lovely collection of Kaufmann & Fabry from Chicago 1933 amongst them) an album of Coney Island postcards from New York Worlds Fairs etc etc.

My idea of collecting heaven (except I will have to sell these as it is my business as well unfortunately) and I have added some scans of Paris 1931 below, and also sneaked in a beautiful image from a 1937 Paris Metro Exposition map!


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Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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