1930s US World Fair’s & Expositions – Super graphics!

I couldn’t resist adding some more images from the large ephemera collection aquired recently by Reynard Collectables. This time the images are from various items related to the 1939/40 New York World’s Fair(NYWF), 1939/40 Golden Gate International Exposition (San Francisco) plus one item from the 1936 Great Lakes Expo in Cleveland. An interesting contrast is in the colourful modern styling of most of the graphics but then if you look at the last image on the images page (see below for location) you will find a very “British” and fairly old fashioned image to the front of the “Guide to the British Pavilion” for the NYWF.

A mixture of cover images from guides, Southern Pacific Railways brochure, Salici’s Puppet programme (plus a couple of stunning adverts from inside this programme including my favourite a lovely Coca Cola advert), Heinz 57 exhibit guide, NYWF needle book and various stickers. There is also one of a series of architectural leaflets for the NYWF entitled “The Town of Tomorrow” and each one shows illustrations and outline plans of some modernist houses. The one I have included is for “The House of Plywood” (architect A.Lawrence Kocher of Forest Hills, NY) and a pretty stunning looking house it is. I was wondering if any of these house designs from 1939 were built and are still standing anywhere (we live next door to a house which was one of the show house designs at the UK Ideal Homes Exhibition of the late 1960s!).

Because there are quite a few images and I will be adding to this over time I am creating a separate page to display these, so just click on the “1930s US World’s Fair images” line to the right side of home page. I have put a few in here though just to whet your appetite!

Again not sure when these might be going up for sale in Reynard Collectables ebay and delcampe shops, but if you have any questions or images to share let me know.


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4 Responses to 1930s US World Fair’s & Expositions – Super graphics!

  1. sophialudlowgroup says:

    Love the Treasure Island San Fran Bay one

    • Thanks, I have many more items from the Golden Gate Expo to scan and post, along with masses from the New York World’s Fair, it was a very stylish period! I saw on your blog (very interesting, I will have a better look later) one of the subjects was architecture, did you see on my extra World’s Fair page the “Town of Tomorrow” cover for the Plywood House design? I also have several of these different house designs from 1939, I think all from different architects.

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