Huge Alien with Syringe & Electronic Device – 1950s London, Festival of Britain? Help Needed

I have attached a couple of photos to this posting, and am hoping that somebody can help me with identifying the “statue” and its location. A really strange creature seemingly depicting an alien life form and carrying a large syringe and some sort of electronic measuring device.

I was wondering if this may have been some sort of sculpture made for the 1951 Festival of Britain but unsure of the location here. There is a railway viaduct in the background and a couple of the cars seen(Vauxhall Velox and Austin A30) certainly came out that year but I havent found a location to match this. Whatever the statue is it certainly seems to have captured the attention of the little boy in one of the pictures!

Anybody have any idea of what/where this might be? I will eventually be listing these for sale in my Reynard Collectables ebay or Delcampe store but would like to find some information out first (it may not even be London, but judging by the cars it is certainly Britain).


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