1878 Paris Exposition – Palais Trocadero silk picture

As a change from my postings on US exposition items I thought I would show something from further back in time and also from Europe this time. Not so plentiful in my stock or available generally but I do have a few items from the 1878 Paris Exposition. One such item I have is a beautiful silk picture of the “Palais Trocadero”, I think produced by a Swiss company F.Wahl. It is approximately 230 x 130mm in size plus the printed card frame and has some beautiful detail picked out with slightly different colour and textures of thread. Although the card frame is a bit worn the panel itself is very nice (maybe a light clean could be carried out?) and is now reluctantly available for sale in my Delcampe store here. The actual Palais Trocadero building was built for the 1878 exposition and designed by architects Davioud Gabriel and Jules Bourdais. Its use was for large meetings and public ceremonies and it went on to serve this purpose also at the “Universal” Expositions of 1889 and 1900. It was finally dismantled in 1935 to be replaced by the Palais de Chaillot for the 1937 Exposition of Arts & Technology in Modern Life (although I believe sections of the Trocadero were retained in this new building).

Also showing below are a couple of other items from the same exposition including a “Guide du Visiteur” a 228 page guide to the exhibits and various buildings. It includes some plans and diagrams, and although having some faults to the cover and foxing to pages is still tightly bound and offers some invaluable information for the historian of this exhibition or period. It is available here.

As for the little trade card, afraid I dont know much about this, but an advert for a company which won a prize at the 1878 expo. Available here.


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