WWI USA Military Parade postcard – E Ungaro photographer. Boston area? Help!

I was sorting through a fine lot of old USA postcards, many of them real photo types, and as usual several have no location details on them, one of which I have posted below. While I enjoy trying to solve these mysteries, I cannot establish where the parade shown in this particular photograph took place.

The best clue I have is that the van on the left with the signage on its side has script above the cab which I think reads ‘The American Daily’. Although only partly shown, this ties in with the side advert which is ‘War Song Book, Words & Music Free with the next Sunday Advertiser’. As far as I can find on the internet there was a Boston paper called ‘The American’ which I believe also had an issue called the ‘Sunday Advertiser’ so I assume that this parade takes place in or around Boston. None of the other signage is either clear enough or offers any help in identification.

If anybody viewing this has any idea where it is I would love to hear from them. The only other possible clue is the back of the card which bears a photographer’s handstamp, ‘Fotografia Eugenio Ungaro’. I assume from the people’s clothing and the cars that the era is World War One, around 1917/18.

I have many postcards for sale in my delcampe store here, but 1000s more to list. I also have a collection of over 6000 US cards just coming in, so if you are looking for a particular location do let me know and I will have a look.


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