Grumpy old man – B****y Post Office Locals!!!! (and Amazon)

One of those days where you just feel an insignificant little speck being submerged by huge businesses that take no notice of the customer and just steam on making what was a useful business service and a local community service into something that becomes less useable so is eventually closed because people stop using it!

My rant is about our local sub Post Office being turned into a “Post Office Local”, which basically means taking out the secure post office counters and facilities, decent staff and replacing them with somewhere you can buy a 1st class stamp along with your scratch cards and daily paper.

For somebody like me who sends many different letters and packages a week I have always relied on being able to use a local sub office rather than waste time driving into the main office and trying to park, queue for up to 30 minutes to get served etc.

The local office has slowly shrunk from two staff to one but was still useful to lots of small internet businesses such as mine. Now it cannot even sell me a range of stamps that I need to service my envelopes sent to all parts of the world (I sell stamps and Postal History and so I use “real” stamps on the envelopes as my customers request this often). I am told that nobody wants those non standard stamps (10 & 20p values today)  and as they are now only a small “local” I need to drive 4 miles to a bigger (they were both the same size until my sub PO “upgraded”) sub office to buy stamps. Not sure how keeping a dozen sheets of stamps in a drawer is tipping the Post Office into financial ruin. The assistant told me they also dont stock them as not enough people buy them, but I have tried on many occasions to buy them in the past but they had run out. A case of making something unavailable, then deleting it from future sale as not enough people buy it?

I have already moved my parcels service to an on line provider using non Royal Mail couriers as the local PO couldnt handle over 10kg, but will be lessening the service to my customers if I stop offering them stamps on their envelopes, because the Post Office are refusing to sell me stamps.

I am already offering less and less commemorative stamps on my customers envelopes as the Post Office make it extremely difficult to readily buy these except at the main post office or by on line orders in quantity. And this commemorative stamp sales area is one that is a profit maker for the Post Office!

I sense a streamlined (eg standard but minimal level of services available) business being set up for another privatisation which serves no useful purpose and which is slowly destroying one of the best of our public services! Rant over, I will now start to pen my rant against Amazon and their insidious destruction of the High St shops, whilst allegedly paying little or no UK tax compared with their sales volumes!!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!


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Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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