Main Post Office counter cannot sell me stamps – and it gets worse!

As an addendum to my previous posting (rant!) I gave up with my “Post Office Local” and took my letters/packages to the main post office in town which I have always avoided in the past because it is difficult to park, has big queues and wastes my work time.

I needed to pay some postage on a couple of items, get a certificate of posting signed, buy a range of stamps and change a few euros. I found out from the counter staff that they couldn’t sell me all the values of stamps that I wanted – I would need to queue up at the shop counter on the other side of the room. Apparently Royal Mail, who produce the stamps, are now a different company to Post Office Counters who no longer stock the full range of stamps I need in order to post items all over the world and which my customers love to see on their envelopes. (Incidentally, I always pre-stamp these at home to save time in the Post Office.)

Furthermore, in order to change the euros I needed to queue up at the Foreign Exchange counter a few yards away. So for three simple tasks which until Christmas I could carry out by walking to my local sub Post Office and have dealt with efficiently in a matter of minutes,  I now have to get myself into town to the main office and queue up three times!

Apparently this is “streamlining ahead of privatisation” or whatever it was the (embarrassed) counter assistant muttered.

I have had excellent service from the Post Office in the past, very rarely was anything lost, prices were reasonable and there was little hassle. Now a major part of my business is threatened by this desperate rush by the government to divest us of another part of the national infrastructure, which will no doubt end up costing a fortune in subsidies as fewer people choose to use a decreasing level of service, eventually crippling the business to a point where it can never recover.


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