More World’s Fair – New York 1939/40, ready to send home?

Continuing my World’s Fair/Expo theme I have amongst all the collections a large amount of ephemera from the New York World’s Fair of 1939/40. Rather than break it up and sell items individually I thought I would give somebody the rare opportunity to buy this as a (large and heavy!) collection. Plus it is less listing for me as well!

Some unusual items in here from some nice Diner menus (one in the shape of a donut), product leaflets, guides, poster stamps, books (includes a scarce “Women at Work” hardback and a copy of “1939 The Lost World of the Fair” David Gelernter), give aways, invitations, tickets, machinery blueprints(!), programmes. There is a large scrapbook filled not only with press cuttings of the fair but also many fine ephemera items (“Coronation Scot” brochure for this famous British train etc.) which have been neatly filed into paper pockets to stop them getting ruined by pasting them in.

Also to pick out a couple of other items, there was a “Golden Key” competition (“A Car a Day Given Away”) and in my collection there is at least one envelope with a key still enclosed along with the rules of the competition. Unfortunately not one of the Golden Keys, and also I guess it might be a bit late to claim the prize? Lastly two very nice dinner menus from “The Italian Line” restaurant with colour covers of a man and woman in national costumes (Italian?), plus the aforementioned “Mayflower Donuts” menu. I love this stuff and the New York fairs are my favourites – I am very tempted to keep some of this!

I have already repatriated a huge amount of Worlds Fair ephemera back to the USA, with much of this being from the earlier fairs of the late 19thC and also the fairs of California in the early 1900s, and now will start concentrating on the later events with large collections of Chicago Century of Progress 1930s, The Golden Gate Exhibitions and also the 1964/5 New York Fair.

I have added a few images just to show the variety of items there were distributed at these fairs, and I would think this is just the tip of the iceberg? My items available in my Reynard Collectables ebay shop here.



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