1919 RAF Bickendorf Aerodrome Cologne, photo collection

Carrying on my WWI theme from “HMS Crystal Palace” (see previous blog post), I was also lucky enough to purchase a lovely couple of family photo albums originally put together by a Leading Aircraftsman A Bolton. It seems the albums date from around 1919, with the smaller one giving this date along with a location of Bickendorf aerodrome, Cologne, and the fact that he was with 70 Squadron.

Some research has led me to discover that, indeed, several RAF squadrons were there after the war, but more research will no doubt untangle more of this interesting part of early RAF history.

There are lots of (admittedly pretty small) photos of aircrew and planes (several upside down or crashed in some other way), plus off-duty photos of groups of servicemen or views of nearby locations such as Cologne, Aachen etc.

Not sure if all are of their time at Bickendorf, as the odd one is captioned, with one showing what looks to be a large balloon hangar, captioned Namur. There are also some aerial shots I think of Cologne, and even one of a serviceman (LAC Bolton?) at the grave of Captain Fryatt (spelt Fryat on the cross so detail quite good and clear!) who I believe was executed by the Germans in 1916 (apparently one of the three great atrocities of WWI along with the sinking of the Lusitania and the execution of Nurse Edith Cavell).

A lovely piece of early military aviation history with approximately 140 photos, and available in my ebay shop here.



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One Response to 1919 RAF Bickendorf Aerodrome Cologne, photo collection

  1. Dan Savident says:

    Dear Mike,

    I came across this collection in my research on 49 Squadron with whom my Grandfather served just after the end of WW1. They ended their service at Bickendorf. I would love to make contact with the person who bought this collection. Is they any way you could make an introduction? I have no wish to buy or even offer to buy the album from them, simply to see if I can add some information, and to see if there are any photographs of my Grandfather Percy Hopkinson. By way of credentials and authenticity the 49 squadron website has photos posted from my collection, and a photo of Percy.

    Thanks in advance

    Dan Savident

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