“HMS Crystal Palace” WWI Royal Naval Base!

A gem of a photo I found in an auction lot I purchased was this group photo of Royal Naval officers.

I could see it was from an earlier period, and thought the building in the background was familiar, then I saw the embossed photographer details bottom right. He was T.H. Everitt of Anerley Road, Upper Norwood which is very close to Crystal Palace.

I still couldn’t see why a large group of naval types would be there, but some online research told me that during the WWI period the Crystal Palace was used as a Naval training establishment, hence, I believe, its nickname of “HMS Crystal Palace”. It must have been all that extensive coastline they have!

Obviously the glass palace is no more (burned down in 1936), but I believe the staircase they are using as a prop might still be in use in the Crystal Palace park.

A lovely photo whatever the story, and available in my ebay shop here if you want to carry out more research.



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