From fashion to fairs – New York World’s Fair 1939 & 1964

As usual my blogs seem to veer from topic to topic without any seemingly logical path. Much like my brain, probably!

Anyway, I am back to one of my collecting (and Reynard Collectables selling) passions, that being World’s Fairs and in particular those of New York.

Unfortunately, as I am trying to build up a business, some of the “gems” that I have bought over time have to be sold and one of them is shown below, relating to the 1939 World’s Fair. It is a large scale photo of a group of engineers working on the fair build-up (this photo is dated 1937).  It is taken – as per the caption – at Eskotters, Long Island which I assume is a restaurant although I can find no record of this on line.

But what a great photo of a real mix of guys young and old, some with their long lives ahead of them, some probably destined to have theirs cut short in WWII, and many, no doubt, with a story to tell.

It would be nice if this photo could find its way eventually to one of their relatives, or maybe one or two of the younger ones are still alive (in their 90s?) – perhaps the two young chaps to the far right?

I am also listing another group of items relating to the 1964/65 fair, mainly tickets but also some invites with names such as Robert Moses and Thomas Deegan in them. While doing a bit more digging around as research for this fair I found that very little of the actual site is left but that what was the Singer Bowl is now the Louis Armstrong arena at the US Tennis Centre at Flushing Meadows, where the US Open is held. Also the Unisphere is still surviving in Corona Park, which, annoyingly, I have been close to a couple of times in the last few years when visiting the USA (I am in England) and watching the Mets play at the Shea Stadium and then CITI Fields. Apparently you can see this from part of the CITI Fields stadium, so I must look out for it when (if) I am next over there – maybe by then the Mets will have found a decent team again!

One of the items for sale is an invitation to the ceremony to hand over the fair site to the City Parks department, which didn’t seem to happen until 1967, after a financially pretty disastrous fair had been wrapped up.

All these items with all their history are for sale here in Reynard Collectables ebay store. There are even a few interesting items from the 1938 Empire Exhibition in Glasgow. I wonder how these events ever got off the ground with all the turmoil building towards World War 2?




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