Chicago Century of Progress Expo Photos

I couldn’t think of a snappy title for this one, but I have just listed for sale a fantastic group of around 130 photos from the 1933/4 Chicago Century of Progress Expo (World’s Fair). Originally I was going to keep these because I like them so much; then I thought I would list them a few at a time; finally I decided to put up the whole collection for a little while and see if they can be kept together.

A large number of the photos are larger size Kaufmann & Fabry photos – I believe they were the official photographers for the exposition – and I believe they may have come from an employee as when I bought these I also bought some ephemera including employees’ passes for one of their staff.

As well as the bigger photos there is a small group of snapshots, some Kaufmann & Fabry smaller card/photos and an Exposition album with some photos including some of airships (Goodyear etc).

There are some fantastic photos amongst the larger ones with lots of animated parades, group shots, celebrities (one of the actor Peter Lorre with a baseball bat looking as though he is about to attack a piece of equipment!), some of whom look familiar but I cannot quite place. Also various photos of the structures (including dismantling or erecting) and some of dignitaries including one of US and Japanese military figures in a line up.

I have added a few pics here to give a flavour of this lot which has many valuable images. It isn’t cheap, but work it out – it’s a great deal for each one when they are so hard to find/replace. Offers considered and available in Reynard Collectables shop here.



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