USA-Mexican Border War 1910-19 Postcard Collection

I have just listed for sale in Reynard Collectables delcampe store (here) a nice collection of postcards for this conflict, which I must admit I knew little or nothing about until buying this lot at auction some time ago.

I had held onto them to do some research – and also because I liked them – but I think they should move on to maybe a collector of this period.

Apparently this conflict began about the time of the Mexican Revolution, around 1910, and at its height it also included a border raid by Pancho Villa (I had heard of him) on the town of Columbus, New Mexico. There seem to have been various “tit for tat” cross-border raids, including the so called “Bandit War” in Texas, which sounds more like a bunch of opportunists rather than any cause.

The collection includes real photo cards of some fairly gruesome scenes of dead and burning soldiers/bandits, Captain Monroe Fox, San Antonio military parades, Camp Deneen in Elgin, Camp Pike (Little Rock, Arkansas) as well as ones of various other locations around Texas. It was (according to a slip of paper with the cards) compiled by a Lt. Frank Billings of Rockford, Illinois, who was serving in the area at the time of the war. There are a couple of cards sent to an F Billings from a soldier at Fort Bliss so it does ring true, and there was an Illinois Infantry Division involved in the war. There are also cards identified as Cavalry troops and others with artillery guns, soldiers rifle training and a great card of a group of motor cars driving through a dusty desert apparently taking supplies to the US Forces in Mexico.

The so-called “Bandit War” in Texas also seems to feature as there is at least one card (showing Capt. Monroe Fox & Sgt Hamer holding a white flag – I think taken from dead Mexican bandits on the ground beneath them) I believe from this area of the conflict.

A very nice lot of over 60 postcards (most unused and with a number of view cards of Texas landmarks) and which calls for more research. As previously mentioned, available in Reynard Collectables delcampe store here along with lots of other interesting cards, ephemera and postal history!



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