1900s art postcards – definitely works of art!

As well as around 2000 “Gruss Aus” style cards in the recently acquired auction lot mentioned in my previous blog, there are also several hundred “art” postcards from the same period, that is late 1890s through to 1910.

Most of these are signed and are by famous publishers such as Ernest Nister of Nurenburg and well known postcard and general artists of the time. Names such as Heinrich Kley, Henri Cassiers (my two favourites I think), Zeno Diemer, Weilandt, Mutter, Munch, Luigi Loir etc etc.

Many of the views are “impressionist topographical” views of places in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and several others. Some are similar in style to the aforementioned “Gruss Aus” cards just without the words, but including small vignette views.

These cards could make a lovely art subject based collection, either by artist, town/city or country, and are much more affordable generally than the “Gruss Aus” cards. To tempt you I have added a small assortment below, and shortly many will be available in Reynard Collectables delcampe store here or the ebay store here.

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