One of the intense frustrations of on line selling no matter the size of your transactions is having to suffer occasional “paypal bending over backwards to give money to an unscrupulous buyer”, also known as chargebacks. In fact just dealing with paypal is so frustrating!

I sold some cards in January to a buyer in Hong Kong (“stampsfromhongkong” was his delcampe user name) and it took me a month to get the payment from him, and I then sent the items straight away with a certificate of posting obtained.

Now two months later and having had no messages at all from the buyer I get a paypal message saying the buyer has contacted them as he cannot access his delcampe account to find out if the items have arrived or not (??!!). On this flimsy evidence (surely a buyer would no if something has arrived or not?) paypal withdraw the £12 from my balance and ask me to respond.

I go into their “resolution centre” (do they call these things oxymorons?) and find I cannot answer the charge but have just three options a) Refund immediately b) Send proof of “delivery” (no buyer will ever pay £5.50 on top of postage for tracked delivery on a low value item so there is never any and they are not interested in proof of posting) c) Send evidence that the refund has already been sent.

No opportunity to offer evidence that I believe the buyer is fraudulently trying to take my money (he needs delcampe access to tell him if items have been delivered “to him”?? And the reason he has no access to delcampe is that they have suspended his account with only a 41% feedback rating).

I raised a complaint against the buyer but you NEVER get any dialogue with paypal and they just thanked me for sending proof of posting (??) and they would now contact my buyer for a response.

Now a week later I get a message from paypal to say they have found in favour of the buyer despite them never getting a response to the previous update, in fact I have never heard from the buyer after numerous polite messages.

From many many online forums you will always get this complaint about paypal always falling over backwards to find for a buyer even when some pretty strong evidence of fraud on the buyers part, but paypal are just so big and slippery you just feel helpless to challenge them.

Not a huge sum of money to lose but so annoying and frustrating that I spend years running an honest operation, always notify paypal of any spoof emails I receive and somebody with a proven record of poor trading comes in with a vague query of being unsure if something arrives and paypal cannot wait to throw (my) money at them!

I hate Mondays and Paypal.


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Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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