Gruss aus, Groeten uit! Early pictorial postcards from the Golden Age.

I have already added a number of early postcards from a huge collection bought a few months ago, but now as I am listing more on Reynard Collectables delcampe store site I thought I would add a few more images.

The above title hints that whereas most have the caption “Gruss aus” (greetings from in German), I do have a number of similar cards from other countries including a nice selection from the Netherlands (hence “Groeten Uit”).

Amongst the lot were hundreds of Hotel and Restaurant cards and a number of “Hold to Light” cards which have an added dimension when a light is shined through the cards to reveal an otherwise hidden feature (such as moonlight, a cows insides etc!). When I can work out how to portray these in their best light (!) I will add a few pictures of these in a later blog but for now some of my favourites from the latest batch are shown below and these are available on Reynard Collectables delcampe store here. I am also listing one or two amongst my various ephemera and odd items listed on Reynard Collectables ebay store here.





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Married to Barbara, two boys, work from home office. Trying to build my collectables hobby into a profitable business.
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