I’m Mike Fox, owner of Reynard Collectables, a small start-up business buying & selling mainly paper based collectables (stamps, postcards, ephemera) but with an interest in all things old! I mainly trade through internet sites (moving more into delcampe after several years on ebay), but also frequent some postcard and ephemera fairs in the South East of England.

I love buying bulk collections either through auction or privately for the thrill of a potential “find”, and also love to spend some time researching the history of some of my stock (when time permits).

I was born and brought up in Crawley, West Sussex from an old Crawley family and live there with my wife Barbara (author of the best selling book “Bedpans & Bobbysocks” see picture below) and two sons.

1950s British Nurses answer to Thelma & Louise!!


3 Responses to About

  1. Gillian Thompson says:

    I have found a web site where you are selling a post card called “Freddy Skerry Docking Dwarf” which I am interested in buying as I beleive he is a relative. The site also suggests you may have other postcards sent from this family. I would be interested in knowing what you have and how I can buy this post card without going through the complex registration processes.

    • Hello and thanks for your interest. Yes the card is for sale in my shop on the delcampe website, I do not think the registration process is that complex, but then it is a while since I went through it. An unusual printed card, I have never seen another of this subject.
      I am not sure the sender of the card is related to “Freddie” but it was the sender from Docking, Norfolk and the recipient in Jarrow who I meant were related (I aquired the collection from a relative of theirs in Newcastle 3 years ago and still have alot of the Docking and Jarrow cards to list and sell).
      The Freddie Skerry card is for sale at £11.99 plus postage as it is a rare card.
      Please let me know if interested and you could pay by cheque if you do not want to go through the registration process.
      Mike Fox
      Reynard Collectables

  2. Gillian Thompson says:

    Many thanks for your reply, I would like to buy the card please as I have established he is my grandads uncle. I realise that the Skerry connection may not be related to the information entered by the sender to Jarrow, but I am sure there will be a Docking connection as that is where my skerry family originated.
    If you let me know who to make the cheque payable to, the postage cost and where to send it I will send you across payment by post.
    I am very interested in any reference to the Skerry family on the reverse of any cards you have and would appreciate it if you could keep this in mind.

    Kind regards


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